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Do you have any broken or old pianos you would like to get rid of? Let’s face it, getting rid of junk may be stressful. Allow us to take away your stress by removing those unwanted items. You shouldn’t feel bad about getting rid of your piano if you no longer want it and have tried everything you can to convince someone to take and use it. It’s most likely been around for far longer than it was supposed to. Safeway Junk Removal provides convenient, effective, and economical piano disposal, saving you the time and effort of handling it yourself. There’s an easy way for all your piano hauling needs. Our skilled crew is ready to help with everything from grand pianos to upright pianos. We can pick up your piano from either inside or outside your home, depending on which is more convenient for you. 

Simply book an appointment or give us a call at 678-365-1321 and you’ll be on your way to a stress-free space in no time!

Pianos don’t last forever, so if you own or inherited a piano that’s over 50 years old, it might be time to let go of it. This is a difficult decision to make, especially if the piano has been in the family for a long time. We know that a piano is typically difficult to get rid of because it is a heavy instrument that might cause back pain if lifted alone. That is why, in order to get rid of your outdated musical instrument, you must employ a local piano removal service. 

Safeway removes old or broken pianos and disposes them properly in compliance with local, state, and federal requirements. We guarantee to transport your piano to its proper place: whether it’s a charity if the pieces are still usable, or a recycling facility to ensure that your tires and rubbers are disposed of properly. You don’t have to deal with the disposal process on your own while we’re here! We are confident that, with our expertise, well-trained crew, and necessary tools at our disposal, we can manage any of your junk removal concerns.

So why do you need to wait for weeks or months when Safeway Junk Removal can take up your old piano for you? Safeway may pick up the old piano as soon as possible if you schedule an appointment online or over the phone today. We are available for same-day and next-day appointments.

More information on our old piano removal services

Is it possible to recycle old pianos?

Yes, a piano can be recycled by removing and dismantling its components, which include wood, steel wire, screws, cast iron, and other materials. Parts of your piano may be repurposed — it’s always better for the environment to reuse existing resources.

We understand that it’s difficult to find extra time to invest in disposing of your old piano when you already have a hectic life. As a result, you need to contact a professional to remove the items for you. 

Good news! We’ve got you covered. We can take up your old piano for you. Simply schedule an appointment by calling 678-365-1321 and we’ll take it from there! It could be the best choice you’ll ever make today. We’ll take those junk from your house, load them onto our truck, then donate or recycle them as much as possible.

What are the types of pianos we take?

Digital Piano

Upright Piano

Upright Piano

Console Piano

Spinet Piano

Concert Grand Piano

Medium Grand Piano

Studio Piano

How long will it take for my piano to be removed?

Moving and disposing of a piano takes roughly 1-3 hours on average. Getting rid of your piano is a difficult task. This is due to the fact that these beautiful instruments can be weighty and difficult to remove and destroy. While relocating the piano, you must ensure that no items or structures on your property are damaged or scratched.

What are my options for determining the value of my piano?

The value of your piano can be affected by a variety of factors such as brand, age, model, cosmetic condition, mechanical condition, regular/irregular maintenance, and type. The easiest method to find out how much your piano is worth is to have it tuned and appraised by a Piano Technician. They will provide you with all of the information you need to get the greatest deal on your instrument. 

Pianos, like cars, can develop major flaws that aren’t immediately apparent and wind up costing the buyer a lot of money to fix if they aren’t properly maintained. If you own a high-end piano, selling it through a reputable dealer will usually enhance its worth.

How much does piano removal cost?

The average cost of removing and disposing of your old piano starts at $200. Different price points are provided to accommodate the varying sizes of your piano. Moving heavier and larger pianos costs more simply because they require specialized equipment, additional wrapping materials, and possibly partial disassembly for safe shipment. Travels, transport, disposal, and recycling are also given considerations.

For us to determine the service and offer you the best junk removal pricing, we offer a free, no-obligation on-site estimate. When we arrive on the job site, we will be able to see exactly what the project entails. This allows us to give you a quick, accurate, and reasonable junk removal quote.

The objective of our company is to provide all junk removal services at a reasonable cost. We will guarantee that you will have a positive experience with us and pay less than you would with another provider.

Here’s how it works

Simply schedule an appointment online or by calling 678-365-1321.

We will call you 15-30 minutes prior to your booked 2-hour
appointment window to inform you of our arrival time.

When we arrive, we’ll inspect the items you want to be removed and give you an
all-inclusive quote right away.

We’ll sweep up the area after removing your items, making sure to only touch the objects we’re taking away.
When the job is finished, we’ll take payment.

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