Tips to Make Moving Easier

Few things are more stressful than relocating. Not only does it disrupt your life, but the actual physical process of moving and packing is a daunting task and often overwhelming.

Fortunately, we have moving suggestions for every stage of the process, from packing to unpacking and everything in between.

  1.  Make a schedule or timetable.

It’s all too simple to delay until you discover that you’re not ready for moving day. Avoid the last-minute panic by considering how much time you have, how long you believe it will take to pack each room, and creating a schedule with enough time included.

You should begin planning and preparing for your move about a month in advance. Create a moving checklist that you can start using right away to make your move less stressful on moving day.

  1. Pack only what you will need and want in your new home.

Look in your closet to see what you can donate. Remove items that haven’t seen the light of day for years. Sell ​​or list the items you want on Craigslist. By cleaning up clutter, you can reduce the burden and save time packing things that can’t be thrown away in the long run.

  1. Pack All the Chargers.

Chargers and cords are an exception to the above packing suggestion. Put all of the random charges you find in a box and see if you can match them up while packing or unpacking. You don’t want to unintentionally give your laptop charger. Better to be safe than sorry!

  1. Make an “Open Me First” box.

Pack a box with everything you need to spend your first night in your new home. Include personal items as well as other essentials such as toilet paper, toothbrushes, sheets, blankets, recipes, glasses, toiletries, and perhaps books you’ve read. A box to find in a crisis.

  1. Keep Valuables Out of the Moving Truck.

Keep your “Open First” box, as well as any vital documents and other key goods and valuables (such as your keys), on hand in case the moving truck does not come when you expect it to.

  1. Colored packing tape should be used.

Even more visible than a marker is distinct colored packing tape for each room, so you’ll know where each box belongs at a look.

  1. When disassembling furniture, take photos.

People have difficulty reassembling furniture after it has been disassembled. Take images using your smartphone to help you remember what goes where. Make certain that all of the pieces are labeled. Take images of your technological setups as well, so you can get back to your latest Netflix marathon as soon as possible.

  1. Pack delicate things together.

Pack delicate things like pint glasses and teacups in pairs, like shoes in a shoebox. Wrap each individually, then use larger sheets of packing paper to bring the breakables together into a tightly packed brick shape, which increases the durability of the breakables.

Everyone is aware that moving may be a stressful experience. But this does not have to be the case. While moving might be difficult, it does not have to be a horrific experience! Safeway Junk Removal makes the relocation process easier for you. We specialize in home cleanouts and can do the task fast and efficiently.

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