Things you didn’t know could be recycled

The practice of recycling is important for the environment. It is an activity that protects the

future. It’s important to find things that are recycled. Residents can use this information to

organize and clean their homes. This is a good source of information for business owners.

Below are some  items that you

could give new life to.

  1. Cardboard Boxes

These items officially suit the paper class, however can be recycled in innovative ways. Moving corporations and agencies now and again reuse those bins. Other companies shred them and make use of them for shipping protection.

  1. Mobile Phones

Always try to reuse them before recycling. If your own phone is broken, try to fix it. Or, if it still works, you can donate it to a charity so someone else can use it. If it really cannot be repaired or is at the end of its life cycle, do not throw it away; Mobile phones that fall into a landfill can pollute the environment. There are many organizations that recycle old phones.

  1. Old DVDs

Old DVDs do not have to be thrown away in regular household waste. There are a wide variety of manufacturers that use these materials. They can be used in combination with other components to create many components.

  1. Ink Cartridges

The different parts of the glasses can be reused. Glasses, plastic frames, and nasal shields fall into this recycling category. A local optician can advise you on good ways to recycle glasses.

  1. Shredded Paper

Since it is a paper product, it can be recycled in your home or office. There are many unique uses for this role. Some companies transform shredded paper into other paper products that are sold in green markets.

  1. Motor Oil

 In most cases, it is stored and processed for recycling. People who change their car oil can recycle too. Most cities are mandated to collect and recycle motor oil products.

  1.  Packing Materials

Each time you receive a shipped product, you will see different types of packaging materials. This process involves plastic bubbles, pieces of styrofoam and paper. Each of these packaging materials can be reused in a different way.

  1. Toothbrushes

The toothbrush is one of the most common everyday use items in the household. When buying a new one remember to recycle it instead of throwing it away. There are several components of these products that can be recycled. The plastic holder and bristles have a variety of other uses when recycled.

Considering all these ideas in recycling, we also understand that you may not have time to do it on your own. Safeway Junk Removal repurposes and gives as much after sorting through your discarded items. We are not only dedicated to our clients, but also to protecting the environment. We’ll even transport unfixable materials to the proper recycling facilities on your behalf. With our eco-friendly services, the majority of what we collect is recycled or donated, keeping it safe from local landfills. Simply call us at 678-365-1321 to set up a junk removal appointment.  

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