Ideas for a Clutter-Free Home 

Perhaps you’ve seen gorgeous, clutter-free environments in magazines or on the internet and thought to yourself, “My home just could not be like that.” But it is possible! It doesn’t take a Herculean effort to free your space — and your life — from obscene amounts of things. All you need is a little dedication to certain fundamental ideas.

  1. There should be a place for everything.

Everything has a place, and everything has a place. Almost trite, yet some of the best organizational advice around. Another suggestion: if you have a lot of stuff lying about on tables, countertops, or the floor and are having trouble finding locations for them, perhaps you need more places. This is when clear plastic shoe boxes, a filing cabinet, or even a console with many drawers might come in handy.

  1. Don’t undervalue the usefulness of a junk drawer.

This is the inverse of the preceding commandment. Every home contains those small items — pens, tape, twist ties, and so on — that are frequently used but have no obvious home. Instead of stressing over where to put everything, keep a junk drawer. You’re done when the final few bits of clutter are swept in there.

  1.  Prevent clutter from entering your home.

Even if you’re careful about what you buy, it’s simple for clutter to enter your home in the form of junk mail, freebies, or whatever. That’s why putting a landing strip near the front entrance is such a brilliant idea: Clutter has to enter your home someplace, and you can stop it right where it starts.

  1. Organize Your Closet

Closets house many belongings that we no longer need or want. It might be difficult to go through our belongings and get-go of items that we have been hoarding for a long time. To make it easier, ask yourself the following questions: Is it ripped, stained, or needs to be repaired? Is it appropriate? Is it fashionable? Have you wore it in the last year? If you examine the items in your closet and find that they require repair, no longer fit, or are out of style, it is time to let them go and create room for something new.

  1. Get rid of the ones you don’t need.

Even if you reach the point where you just have as many things as will comfortably fit into your space, things seem to accumulate. So, set aside a couple of times a year to go through your belongings and get rid of the ones you don’t need. You’ll feel so much lighter, and your house will appreciate it.

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