How to Get Ready for a Furniture Move

Furniture is heavy and big, making it difficult to move – especially when you have an entire house full of things to move. It’s heavy, inconvenient, hard to handle, and practically impossible to complete on your own. To lift bigger items, you may need more hands and gear, such as a dolly. Junk removal seems to be the most convenient way to get rid of large items like old furniture.

A furniture removal is something that a junk removal company like Safeway can deal with. Remember that furniture is large, weighty, and bulky. Their sheer bulk makes it difficult for even the most inexperienced person to move them. When you have an entire house full of unwanted items, the problem becomes even worse. A little planning will go a long way if you actually aim to eliminate furniture and other things from your home and garage. Take a peek at the tips we have below:

  1. Make a Schedule for Moving

The first item on your to-do list should be to prepare by making a strategy that will keep you on track. It will also help you release stress and get through the following few weeks without becoming too frustrated. You must plan ahead of time if you intend to move heavy furniture or appliances. After all, if you don’t plan, you’re intending to fail. You can be organized and on top of your game if you prepare properly. 

  1. Measure your furniture

If you plan to do some DIY, you’ll need to measure the large parts to see if they’ll fit through your doors. Some items may need to be disassembled to make the furniture removal procedure go more smoothly. After all, you don’t want to scratch or damage your doorjambs. Follow these steps to get started:

To lighten your load, remove furniture drawers, legs, doors, and other detachable elements. Put all of these goods in one box. Label the box so you can quickly locate the pieces for eventual re-assembly (this works for those who intend to sell or donate the furniture). If you plan to donate or sell the items, you may need to protect them from scuffing by using a furniture pad or moving blankets.

  1. Call the removal experts

When you’re moving, having furniture picked up and hauled away by a professional junk removal company like Safeway Junk is the easiest and most convenient method to get rid of it. We provide upfront pricing before you schedule a pick-up appointment.

We understand that it’s difficult to find extra time to invest in old furniture cleanup when you already have a hectic life. As a result, you need to contact a professional to remove the items for you. 

Don’t stress yourself out, Safeway junk Removal can take up old and unwanted furniture for you. Simply schedule an appointment by calling 678-365-1321 and we’ll take it from there! It could be the best choice you’ll ever make today. We’ll take those bulky objects from your house or workplace, load them onto our truck, then donate or recycle them as much as possible.

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