Dangers of Hoarding

Hoarding is a kind of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder in which people accumulate objects and get emotionally attached to them regardless of whether or not they have any real value. As a result, hoarders not only have an obsessive drive to collect more and more goods, but they also refuse to throw anything away for fear of losing something vital, valuable, or useful. As a result, the mounds of hoarded stuff continue to grow and begin to block off the living area in the hoarders’ homes, preventing daily tasks such as cleaning and cooking and generating major sanitary difficulties and safety hazards.

The living conditions in the hoarder’s home soon degrade and become dangerous for everyone who enters or walks near the residence. Below are some of the health risks of hoarding:

  1. Poor sanitation- The sheer amount of goods in hoarders’ houses prevents them from performing many necessary everyday activities such as cleaning, cooking, and bathing. Poor personal hygiene and a lack of nutritious meals weaken the hoarder’s immune system, making him or her more prone to sickness.
  2. Poor air quality- The vast amount of dust in hoarders’ homes, as well as the aromas and ammonia from decaying items, cause major indoor air quality issues and can result in a variety of respiratory disorders, including persistent coughing, shortness of breath, lung inflammation, and so on. Clutter can also fall on air vents and/or block other airways, resulting in a lack of oxygen and an increase in carbon dioxide levels in the home.
  3. Mold issues – The stale air (clutter prevents normal air circulation), high humidity (condensed water and leaking pipes remain concealed behind the clutter, clogs and sewer backups are widespread, etc.), and a vast amount of decaying organic material in hoarders’ homes provide the ideal breeding habitat for mold. Mildew and fungal growth can be found in spoiled food and dirty food containers that have been kept in the house for months or even years.
  4. Collapsing clutter – Over time, the mountains of accumulated rubbish in hoarders’ homes grow to monstrous proportions and become unstable as the things multiply and begin to disintegrate. The stacks can easily collapse, injuring the hoarder or trapping him/her behind the garbage.

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