Artificial Intelligence Makes Recycling Easier

Our earth is dealing with a significant problem. People are producing a lot of waste as a result of increased urbanization, which is especially true with plastic. For example, the world created 448 million tons of plastic waste in 2015. The majority of this trash ends up in the oceans, and we may be on the verge of calamity unless we take action. 

We should increase our recycling efforts if we want to make our planet more sustainable. Fortunately, technology is here to assist us with revolutionary robotic solutions that make recycling as effective as possible while preventing garbage from entering the environment.

AI has proved successful in sorting trash. In California, one company is experimenting with using a robot to separate the trash into recycling and other waste categories. Sorting contamination was reduced from 20% to less than 5% over the course of several months. Other technology avoids the employment of robots but nevertheless employs artificial intelligence to assist humans in determining where to dispose of items. One system combines a camera with a screen that tells the user where the item belongs once the user shows it to it. A congratulations message and a QR code for a discount or other reward display on the screen if the garbage is properly sorted.

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